In Which I Jump in Some Water Sunday, Aug 22 2010 

This weekend I took a trip away from the big city. The girls and I usually take this trip twice a year, once when we expect the weather to be bad and once when we expect to be able to enjoy some lake time. Except what usually happens is it rains. A lot. And then we just end up drinking and playing Apples to Apples.

This trip did not bode well from the beginning. We decided to stop for a sit down dinner on the way out of town because I was starving and whiny. Our waitress was SLOW. As in, after 15 minutes of waiting for her to bring us our check, I was about to lead us all out of there in one big refusal to pay when her supervisor came over and took our payments. That was unfortunate because I’ve always wanted to walk out of somewhere without paying, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

With the delay, we were on just the right schedule to drive through the¬†apocalypse, one of those Midwestern-almost-tornado-can’t-see-anything downpours. You know, like we were used to having when we wanted to get out to the lake. A trip that generally takes three hours took damn near six and let’s just say none of us were a pleasure to be around by the time we finally pulled up at the house. A check of the next day’s forecast did not put us in a better mood.

The next morning, though, the weather gods changed their minds and I was able to actually GET IN THE LAKE for the first time since we’ve been going down there. And we were 16 the first time we went down there. So it’s been a while. A marvelous time was had by all, even the one of us who believes she will need an amputation if her feet are submerged in the lake water. It take all kinds, though, and her kind is good for sitting on the dock and throwing new beers out to the floaters. And for taking pictures. Here I am with my BFF. You can tell we are no longer two whiny asses. Tomorrow I should be able to add a picture of my crazy self going down the water slide because, yes, I did clear the cobwebs off that slide. I’m badass like that.


Are You Ready to be Jealous? Thursday, May 6 2010 

Because I have a volleyball injury (probably why old ladies shouldn’t play sports), I will let you know how jealous you should be in picture form. Please meet my weekend plans:


File:Starlight Theatre stage Kansas City MO.jpg


multiplied by




on Monday, which is not what I prefer to focus on yet.

Expect pictures from a weekend of sister debauchery sometime in the next few days.